Basic Projects

Parent Resource Group 

The Parent Resource Group supports efforts to assist parents in understanding the Texas Child Welfare system, their role and responsibilities when involved in a Child Protective Services case, and the roles and responsibilities of others. FY2016 will explore establishing an online center with a hotline or other direct service delivery. As a result, the Parent Resource Guide was completed in May 2015 and is accessible in print and online.

The workgroup will continue to confer and meet in FY2016 to discuss additional efforts to establish an online resource center through the Texas Legal Services Corporation, and possibly the development of a video or an app for smartphones. Additionally, the PRG will be translated to Spanish by September of 2016.

Parent Resource Guide PDF (for print)

PRG Cover (1)

A searchable and mobile-friendly version is also available on LawBox and can be accessed here

PRG Lawbox

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