Jurists in Residence

The Jurist in Residence (JIR) position was created to foster judicial leadership and promote greater expertise among child protection judges. The JIR acts as a consultant, trainer, and speaker to provide expert and seasoned judicial advice on matters affecting courts and legal system handling of child welfare cases and issues. Additionally, informational letter and "blasts" concerning items of interests, such as training events, are routinely issued. In FY2015, the JIR has published newsletters or news blasts on the following topics: 1) April Trial Skills Training Application: Deadline Extended; 2) 2015 Judicial Conferences; 3) May is National Foster Care Month; 4) 2015 Attorney Scholarships; and 5) Reminder: 2015 Attorney Scholarships; 6) Information on Youth Sex Offenders; 7) DFPS Transformation; 8) Legislative Update from the 84th Legislative Session; and 9) Parental Child Safety Placements.

Additionally, the JIRs assisted with development of curriculum for the annual Child Welfare Judges Conference, reviewed updates of the Child Protection Law Bench Book, provided technical assistance during the 84th Legislative Session, and collaborated on a well-being initiative.

Photo of Robin Sage

Robin Sage

Serves as one of the Children's Commission Jurist in Residence. Judge Sage retired in 2011 from the 307th Family District Court in Longview and also currently serves as the assigned judge for the Child Protection Court of Northeast Texas. Judge Sage has been active in Court Improvement Program activities since the mid-1990s serving on the Supreme Court Task Force on ...

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Photo of Dean Rucker

Dean Rucker

Serves on the Children's Commission as one of the Jurist in Residence. Judge Rucker serves as the Presiding Judge for the Seventh Administrative Judicial Region of Texas since 1998 and as judge of the 318th Judicial District in Midland County since 1988. Judge Rucker was a longtime member of the Supreme Court Task Force on Foster Care, created in 1994 ...

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