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Education Summit

In February 2013, more than 200 court, child welfare, and education leaders met in Austin at Texas' first Foster Care and Education Summit and Texas took another step in its long-term initiative to improve how children and youth in foster care fare in schools. The Summit represents a new chapter in the initiative – bringing together a large group of multi-disciplinary stakeholders to raise awareness of the issue and to begin establishing connections among the courts, the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services (DFPS), and local school districts.

Summit Agenda

Education Unplugged

Connecting Child Welfare and Education Law

Summit Final Report

Breakout Session Notes

List of Attendees


(left to right) The Honorable John Specia, Commissioner of the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services; the Honorable Patricia Macias, Former Chair of the Education Committee; the Honorable Eva Guzman, Justice, Supreme Court of Texas and Children's Commission Chair.

Former foster youth panelists Zo Conley (left) and Laquindrick Wiley share their experiences of overcoming adversity growing up in the Texas foster care system.

Former foster youth panelists Tym Belseth and April McWilliams discuss their experiences growing up in Texas foster care.

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