Commission business is conducted primarily through its four standing committees – Basic Projects, Training, Data & Technology, and Foster Care and Education – as well as through other ad hoc committees such as the Legislative and Strategic Planning committees. Each committee is chaired by a Commissioner and members are drawn from the Commission, Collaborative Council, and others in the child protection community.

Committees oversee and monitor Commission projects, including the work of subcommittees and workgroups. For a complete list, please see Children's Commission Members.

Hon. Eva Guzman, Chair
Hon. Harriett O'Neill, Chair Emeritus
Hon. Piper McCraw, Vice Chair; Training Committee Chair
Hon. Rob Hofmann, Jurist in Residence 
Hon. Michael Schneider, Basic Committee Chair
Vicki Spriggs, Data & Technology Chair

Staff: Tina Amberboy, Tiffany Edwards

Hon. Michael Schneider, Chair
Sarah Crockett
Mary Christine Reed
Carolyne Rodriguez
Tanya Rollins
Hon. Peter Sakai
Hon. Cynthia Wheless

Staff: Jocelyn Fowler, Dylan Moench, Tiffany Edwards

For more information about the Basic Committee, please visit the Basic Projects page. 

Data Committee

Vicki Spriggs, Chair 
Jesse Booher
Dr. Jane Burstain
Katie Elseth
Dr. Monica Faulkner
Hon. Delia Gonzales
Liz Kromrei
Hon. Carlos Villalon

Staff: Dylan Moench, Patrick Passmore, Monica Mahoney, Andrea Vicencio 

OCA Advisory Staff: David Slayton, Darrell Childers, Anissa Johnson, Casey Kennedy, Mena Ramon, Charlotte Velasco

For more information about the Data Committee, please visit the Data Projects page. 

Hon. Rob Hofmann, Chair
Joy Baskin
Hon. Alyce Bondurant
Lori Duke
Dr. Monica Faulkner
Dr. David Gardner
Andy Homer
Kelly Kravitz
Hon. Cathy Morris
Wanda Pena
Carol Self
Ian Spechler

Staff: Jamie Bernstein, Andrea Vicencio

For more information about the Foster Care & Education Committee, please visit the Foster Care & Education page. 

Hon. Piper McCraw, Chair
Hon. Mark Atkinson
Tymothy Belseth
Denise Campbell
Cathy Cockerham
Teal de la Garza
Barbara Elias-Perciful
Debra Emerson
Hon. Richard Garcia
Tracy Harting
Pam Kemp
Tanya Rollins
Fairy Davenport Rutland
Hon. Ellen Smith
Elizabeth Watkins

Staff: Milbrey Raney, Dylan Moench, Andrea Vicencio

For more information about the Training Committee, please visit the Training Projects page.