The Children’s Commission partners with or supports individual court efforts seeking to adopt specialized practices or programs. For example, in FY2019, the Children’s Commission provided seed money through OCA to employ an Associate Judge and Court Coordinator to assist in handling child abuse and neglect cases filed in Dallas County Family Courts to promote achieving permanency for children in the Permanent Managing Conservatorship of DFPS. Since March 2019, the Dallas County Child Protection & Permanency Court has assisted youth in the long-term care of DFPS. Participating courts include the 254th, 256th, 301st, and 303rd District Courts. The Children’s Commission is also exploring a judicially-led prevention effort in partnership with the Prevention and Early Intervention Division of DFPS.

For a list of Specialty Courts, please visit the Texas Judicial Branch, About Texas Courts webpage.  For a list of Child Protection Courts, please visit the Texas Judicial Branch, Children’s Courts webpage.