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Other Training Opportunities

The Children's Commission supports a number of additional training opportunities and is a MCLE Sponsor through the State Bar of Texas. Also, the Commission provides funding for the following training endeavors.

The State Bar of Texas Child Protection Law Section was created in January 2018. Every year, the Section hosts an Advanced Child Protection Law Course in the Spring, in collaboration with TexasBarCLE. The 2024 Advance Child Protection Law course was held on April 4-5, 2024, and included a 3-hour “101” course. The Children’s Commission supports this CLE through a grant in the form of registration scholarships to both the “101” and Advanced Child Protection Law Courses for qualifying attorneys. More information is available on the Scholarships section of this webpage.

The Children's Commission provides grant funding to support the Department of Family and Protective Services’ Regional Attorney annual training, to cover costs such as speaker fees, facility fees, and other expenses related to the meeting. The objective is to ensure agency attorneys have access to current case law, trial strategies, evidentiary issues, forensic developments, administrative law, ethics and other relevant procedural and substantive issues. 

DFPS is planning their 2024 conference and the Commission will provide updates as soon as they are available.