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Trial Skills Training

The Children's Commission's Trial Skills Training (TST) is a unique, realistic, and effective interactive training designed to improve the litigation skills of Texas child welfare law attorneys to raise the caliber of legal representation to children and families in child welfare cases across the state.

Each TST program has a rigorous application process and is limited to 21 less-experienced attorneys. The participants are evenly divided into three groups, comprised of children’s attorneys, attorneys who represent DFPS, and parents’ attorneys. Trial Skills Training is intended to assist attorneys who currently represent the Department of Family and Protective Services (DFPS) or who are currently accepting appointments on a child welfare docket and meet the criteria set out below. Attorneys currently seeking appointment to a child welfare docket list or who are not actively accepting appointments are not eligible for this training.

To receive notice about Trial Skills Training and other training opportunities, please sign up to receive Resource Letters from the Children’s Commission.