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The Children’s Commission is committed to the goal of reducing disproportionality and disparities in the child welfare system through development and deployment of judicial and attorney resources aimed at increasing awareness, sharing data and information, as well as best practices for confronting disproportionality and disparities systemically and locally. Commission staff is trained to develop projects, training, and policies through an equity lens. The Commission encourages policies, procedures, and practices that uphold respect for the unique culture, history, race, ethnicity, gender, and other identities of children, youth, and families in the child welfare system. The Children’s Commission Equity Advisor, Sheila Craig, chairs the Equity Workgroup which is comprised of judicial officers and child welfare stakeholders who promote fairness and justice for each family and every child interacting with the Texas child welfare system. Through the work of the Equity Workgroup, the Commission continues to identify opportunities to enhance judicial and attorney awareness of disproportionality issues and techniques for the reduction of disparate impacts in the child welfare system.

Please visit the Reports & Resources page for recent publications.