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The Honorable Isaac Roldan

Tribal Judge, Ysleta del Sur Pueblo; El Paso 

Judge Isaac Roldan is a proud and active Tribal member of Ysleta Del Sur Pueblo (YDSP). He attributes his upbringing with the Tribe as the instrumental foundation that shaped him. Starting at the age of 10, he participated in many cultural ceremonies as a youth Cultural Center Social Dancer later serving in the Tribal Police, and now as a YDSP Judge. Judge Roldan says that “growing up around the Pueblo has been such a blessing and I feel I have come full circle to serve my community as best as I can.”

In 2011, Judge Roldan served on the United States Border Patrol in Eagle Pass, Texas and later returned to the Pueblo in 2014. In 2020, Judge Roldan was appointed as one of the Tribal Judges handling all Peace Code cases.

“This was such an Honor, and like most of us having a background that usually involves us or family being on the other side, it gave it that much more meaning for me.”

He was tasked with running the Drug Court program until the pandemic interrupted the many plans they had envisioned. As things begin to settle, Judge Roldan says he hopes “to pick up where we left off and strive to better our community. I plan on hitting the road hard, meeting with the different departments within YDSP that will play an important role when it comes to programs that Tribal Members will have to complete” for any drug related cases. Judge Roldan also plans to continue to build relationships with local Federal District Judges so that the Tribe can adopt similar practices.